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How to Book

Booking with hireabus.com is quick easy.

1) Enter your journey details on the search form.

2) Review the available vehicles and quotes. You can filter by Vehicle type if needed.
If a price is not displayed then you can request a quote which will be sent via email.
You can also request more quotes from all transport operators, ensuring you don't miss any deals.

3) When ready to book click the Book Now button to secure your price and booking.
If you are not ready to book yet then you can also save your preferred quote, locking in the quoted price for 48 hours.


To confirm your vehicle simply click the Book Now button, after which you will be asked to make payment.
You can book directly from the search results, or from the private link sent by email if you saved a quote or requested more quotes.

Payments are taken via debit or credit card, which will be entered securely on the payment page.

If the journey is more than 10 days ahead then you will make pay an initial deposit of 25%.
For journeys taking place in less than 10 days full payment is required.

If you paid a 25% deposit then the balance will be automatically charged to the same card 7 days before the journey takes place.


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