About Us


HireABus.com was created with a mission to make coach and minibus hire a quick, simple and transparent process.

In 2019 we’re used to being able to quickly and easily search and book our travel needs.

But until now, finding the right coach or minibus for your needs meant manually searching for suitable transport companies, individually requesting a quote and waiting to see which ones would reply.

If you got a response then it was usually just a price, with no details or picture of the vehicle. It made it really hard to compare quotes, so choosing the best option wasn’t easy.

If you did make a choice then you had to negotiate the payment mindfield. Many operators still don’t process card payments so you’d maybe have to make a bank transfer or dust off your cheque book!

And so, because we think that’s ridiculous, HireABus.com was born.

We transformed the old, slow way into a 3 step, 2 minute process.

Just enter your trip details and instantly receive quotes from multiple providers with different price and vehicle options. Filter your results to find the perfect choice.

Make your selection based on what is important to you.

A few more clicks and your booking is confirmed - Simple, fast, as it should be!

HireABus.com initially launched in the UK in July 2018 and we will become available in more countries week by week. Our vehicles will be available globally by the end of 2019, making HireABus.com the only group transport provider you need, wherever you may be going.