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Staying comfortable on a long coach Journey from London

If you're planning a long journey as a group from London and looking to hire a coach, let us give you a few tips about staying comfortable. Firstly, well done on choosing coach hire from London for your group journey as not only have you saved money but also reduced that journey's impact on the environment. The same goes for minibus hire in London as well.

Coach hire is also very safe with experienced and fully trained drivers, but you need to think about your personal comfort as well and maybe consider the age of some of the travellers

So plan ahead for your exciting trip.

Planing keeps you comfortable on long coach journeys

The first thing to consider is the time of year you are travelling, so are you going to have bright sunshine all the way or is it likely to be more than chilly outside with part of your journey experiencing the good old English rain.

Depending on the length of your journey, it is not uncommon even in England to experience multiple weather elements as you get further into the journey, so check the weather forecast on the day of departure and think about what you might need to wear or carry with you in your small day bag.

All of our coaches have a climate control system and this includes air conditioning for the summer and heating in winter, but finding the optimum temperatures to keep everyone happy on a long-distance hired coach journey is occasionally tricky, so focus on your own comfort.

When you're making the booking with our specialist team you can specify the type of vehicle that will suit your party best and the level of comfort extras you're looking for, but of course, you may be booking London Coach Hire without knowing everyone particularly well, so passing on these tips will help.

Coach Journey carry-on Options

Our top tips on what to bring with you or build into the planning.

Carrying a toiletry bag with you is a sensible option. You will feel more refreshed as you travel and once you reach your destination if you have a few toiletries on board instead of only in your stored luggage. Simple items like a toothbrush and toothpaste, dental floss, deodorant, facial or baby wipes, a hairbrush or comb plus those essential make-up items, meaning that you arrive looking and feeling fresh.

It's your itinerary so when you book your London coach hire with us, let our booking agents know how many journey stops you would like and the main purpose of those stops and they will make sure your request is met and can offer guidance on the right stop locations.

If you are not one of those people who is glued to a tablet or mobile for hours, then always pack a good book to provide some diversion or if the weather blurs the scenery.

It's amazing how many times you look up after several chapters and realise how much journey time has whizzed past already.

Now if you're travelling with Children the simple rule is that if they are comfortable and entertained, then you are comfortable as well. There is no reason that hired coach travel needs to be stressful with kids as long as you plan. Don't forget to bring a crossword or some music for Mum and Dad as well.

There is a wide range of travel pillows, neck pillows, blankets and more on the market today and even the smallest items can make a big difference in journey comfort. Bring a good cushion, or blow-up pillow or invest in a neck rest to allow you to sit comfortably. If you like to have a little nap or snooze on a long coach trip then pack some comfortable earplugs or remember the noise-cancelling headphones that can help you get some rest, or even sleep undisturbed.

Regarding what to wear it is all about individual taste, but while you might want to arrive looking your “catwalk best” ask yourself if are you really going to be comfortable in the heels and the tight dress. Loose-fitting clothing and wearing layers is the best option and having those layers with different thicknesses will help. You can always change into other clothes when you arrive and leave your comfortable outfit on the coach ready for your return.

A simple item like a shawl can become multipurpose. If it's hot outside but the air conditioner is Arctic on your head then a lightweight hat will make you much more comfortable.

Think about your feet as well. Slip on shoes or trainers work best as they are easy to remove and bring two pairs of socks as you will want to get up now and then and stretch your legs in between stops, but probably don't want to put those socks back in your shoes if you have been up and down the coach gangway with other people or if you suddenly find yourself having walked in a spillage of a child's sticky drink.

Standing up on a moving coach is not always practical so ensure that during a long coach trip, you are making time to regularly stretch with some mini exercises. Stretching your legs in front of you and rotating your ankles, and stretching your arms above your head and rotating your wrists really helps and you don't arrive ready for your event with muscle stiffness or joint pain.

Staying comfortable on a long coach Journey from London is easily done with a little planning and as soon as your hired coach or minibus is booked, start to think about making your journey comfortable.

Another important factor to think of is packing any daily medication that needs to be administered during the journey. Make sure that you have enough for the journey there and the return trip and that you keep a small bottle of water on the coach for just that purpose.

Maybe also think about that small blanket as if you have to administer injections etc, you may want a little privacy and your travel companions might appreciate that as well.

The Journeys End

Last but not least if you want to save money further and avoid high prices at service stations bring drinks and snacks with you so that when there is a break in your journey, you can get off the coach to have a quick drink and snack if you're not doing an actual lunch or breakfast stop.

Keeping hydrated is important on long trips and with onboard toilet facilities, you and your group will have no worries.

The key to planning a long coach hire trip from London is to make sure that our booking specialists have as many details as possible about your journey and the group's demographics.

For us, a big part of our service is ensuring that customers are happy and arrive safely and feeling good. We make sure you have the right-sized coach or minibus with the facilities you have requested on board.

Booking coach and minibus hire in London has never been easier.

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