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A Travellers guide to London/Luton Airport

With London/Luton Airport being the UK’s fourth largest airport, we always receive a large amount of enquiries regarding coach hire in London for both group drop off and pick up.

Our London coach hire services cover the UK and with a large multi vehicle fleet we can ensure you are collected on time or dropped off in plenty of time to make your flight. Services from London/Luton fly to more than 142 worldwide destinations, and the airport is ideal for coach or minibus hire drop off and pick ups.

But how much do you know about the airport itself?

The Beginning

In 2018 and just before the pandemic, London/Luton airport marked its 80th anniversary, making it older than Heathrow!

The airport is an international airport situated 1.5 miles east of Luton town centre, and 28 miles north of Central London and serves millions of passengers a year, transporting them across europe and to global destinations. The airport welcomed 4.3 million passengers this summer (June 1 to Aug 31) as its post pandemic recovery continues.

An airport was first opened on the site in July 1938, and throughout the Second World War, the airport was put to good use as a base for fighters of the Royal Air Force, namely 264 fighter squadron.

In 1952 Luton resumed commercial activity and general aviation flight training and by the middle 1960s Luton had begun to play a key role in the development of the new style package holiday business. In 1990, the decision was taken to rename the airport as London Luton Airport as a way of emphasising the airport's close proximity to London and ease of access from the ever expanding M1 motorway.

Although we have a lot of bookings that come to us under coach hire in London we can provide pick up across the UK for minibus hire and coach hire.

The Airport

It's always exciting to be arriving at an airport and you just want to get in and settle down ready for your flight. Arriving at London Luton is very easy on a coach or minibus due to the excellent motorway access and dual carriageway that takes your bus right up to the airport drop off point.

Simply collect your luggage from the storage area on your hire coach and within 3 - 4 minutes you are inside the terminal building.

The terminal is well laid and clearly signposted with screens showing flight and gate information at multiple locations. If you need extra help then the airport's passenger service assistants can be found throughout the airport. With a ready smile the assistants are available to answer any questions, offer directions and assistance with any health issues or medical emergencies as well as being the eyes and ears of the airport for passenger safety.

They’re easy to spot, just look out for their hi-visibility uniforms, or pick up one of the red courtesy phones that are dotted around the terminal to contact them.

The Luton Airport departures lounge has a great selection of shops as well as a wide range of bars and restaurants so you can relax before your flight or get iot holiday mood. There are also currency exchange stations and plentiful toilets with discabled access as well as drinking water fountains.

If you feel the need for some spiritual guidance then there is Luton Airports Chaplaincy team and multi faith prayer room.

If you are landing then the airport's smooth walkways, baggage collection and passport control are super easy to negotiate.

Make sure you have your parties passports ready when you join the queue to reduce time and get your group swiftly onto your London hire coach or minibus and off to your final destination.

The Future for London/Luton

During 2004/5, the departure and arrivals lounges and other facilities were redeveloped at a cost of £38 million. But during the pandemic plans were on hold but the airport has now revitalised those expansion plans, which is great news for London coach hire.

The statement from Luton Rising released recently read;

“At the end of 2019, London Luton Airport was the UK’s fifth largest and one of its fastest growing airports – serving almost 18 million passengers per annum, supporting 27,000 jobs (over 12,000 from Luton) and delivering £1.8bn economic activity for UK GDP. It is widely recognised as the most significant and important player in Luton’s economy.

We now have plans for the long-term expansion of the airport up to 32 million passengers, which will create 12,000 new jobs and an additional £1.6bn in economic activity. A further 5,200 jobs will come with the London Luton Airport Enterprise Zone at New Century Park and Bartlett Square.

Growing the airport will also act as a catalyst for Luton to become a leading hub for green technology, research and finance. It will therefore play a crucial role in delivering a more sustainable, prosperous and healthier future for the people of Luton”.

Exciting times for London Luton airport and we will be increasing our vehicle fleets for coach hire and minibus hire in London and for journeys to and from the airport.

The Wrap

Being picked up by coach at London/Luton Airport is very easy, and with our extensive airport coach hire experience, they go like clockwork.

For vehicles of 20 seats or more we will be awaiting your group's arrival in bay S located in the bus bay area a short walk outside the terminal building.

When we are taking you all to the airport the drop of points are the same.

If your vehicle has less than 20 seats such as our popular London minibus hire, then we will be waiting for you in the clearly signposted Drop off / Pick up area.

Travelling by coach has been proven to be one of the most environmentally friendly forms of public transport and we are very proud to be helping people to cut down on their carbon footprint and want you to join in with cutting down the UK’s carbon emissions.

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