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A school trip to The Tower of London

An exciting trip to London is an incredibly popular destination for school trips and other educational outings, and coach hire to London is the preferred method of transport.

When you visit London and hire a coach there are a wide variety of places of interest to visit and one of the most popular and on many school’s itinerary is The Tower Of London.

One of Londons and indeed The World's most iconic and historical landmarks, school parties always enjoy a visit to the tower and we can supply multiple vehicles if you're taking more than one class, or minibus hire if you're looking at a smaller group.

Whatever the size of your group you are guaranteed to enjoy a fantastic visit to the Tower Of London, and today's blog features information on visiting this wonderful historical site.

About The Tower

The Tower Of London was once Britain's most infamous prison, a Norman fortress, and a long standing Royal residence and many of those Royals contributed to the tower's unique history.

One of the major benefits of coach hire and a “boots on the ground” visit is that students are able to get out of the classroom where they are trying to envisage how life and times were during some of the events and immerse themselves into real locations and live the history.

So let's take a look at the tower's history. As many will already know In 1066 William the Conqueror invaded Britain and vanquished King Harold at the famous Battle Of Hastings bringing Anglo Saxon rule to an abrupt end.

Of course, invading and conquering a country is one thing, but keeping the natives under your rule is another, so William the First set about building castles across England and Wales. With London as his capital city, naturally an impressive castle had to be built there to demonstrate his absolute power, so in 1066 construction on the Tower of London commenced. Initially the building was a simple timber structure, but a more impressive stone structure was constructed in the early 1080s.

The tower was built over ancient Roman fortifications that were part of London's historical Roman city wall. (We can also provide coach hire or mini bus hire if you wish to visit Roman London). It is this imposing White Tower and world famous stone fortress which still survives today as the centrepiece of the Tower of London.

Many key events in British history have taken place at The Tower of London, including the execution of some of Henry VIII’s wives, political and religious prisoners, and even German spies during World War II.

Today the Tower of London is a remarkable, historical visitor attraction and is also the home of the world famous Crown Jewels. Plus the tower remains the home of the headquarters of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, as well as being a UNESCO world heritage site.

The history that can be learnt for a school trip to The Tower of London is immeasurable and students and teachers of all levels can find a period in history or an event that perfectly fits their history curriculum.

The Tower of London is a unique place for students to begin a fascinating journey into British history. Expert tower presenters bring historical characters to life in curriculum based learning sessions.

Your group can book an insightful tour with one of the tower's famous Beefeaters and they will regale you all with a few grim and gory stories dating back over 1,000 years.

The educational value of a coach's trip to the tower cannot be underestimated and there is something for all students from KS2 to A-level as they can enjoy hands on learning with sessions cover a huge variety of themes such as, crime, punishment, and torture, castles and historic environments, Royalty, authority, and noble families, including the Tudors, Stuarts and Normans, along with the infamous Guy Fawkes' and the famous “Gunpowder plot”.

All in all it's a wonderful experience that makes hiring a coach to London for school trips very worthwhile.

Visiting The Tower Of London

The Tower of London has a great set up for welcoming school trips and offers specially made learning resources as well as supporting self guided, teacher led tours. Guiding your class yourself means you still have access to a range of sites, including the Crown Jewel House, the White Tower, the Bloody Tower, the battlements, and the armoury.

There is coach parking at nearby Tower Hill and once you confirm your itinerary and book your coach or minibus hire to London our team will organise this part of the trip.

An often asked question for schools who are budget conscious is about food and drink options. You are allowed to bring along your own food and drink into the Tower of London and in the summer months it is a good idea to bring a blanket to enjoy a picnic on the Tower Moat.

Your hire coach will have ample storage for cool boxes and blankets etc but let us know if you have any other items you need to bring such as learning aids, that way our specialist coach booking team can make sure you have the right size vehicle to accommodate everyone and everything required in comfort and safety.

Close the Gates

As you can imagine we have hardly touched on some of the great visitor attractions at The Tower Of London that can be enjoyed with premium coach hire, but also The Tower of London is located on the bank of the River Thames, right next to Tower Bridge, and as well as the bridge which is within walking distance, there are a number of other great attractions close by.

Within a 15 minute to 20 minute hired coach ride are historic places such as HMS Belfast, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Shakespeare’s Globe or you can delight your students with some cultural London experiences at Borough Market or take some great photos and learn about modern London at The Shard.

Talk to our specialist coach hire booking team and simply outline what you want to see and when you wish to travel, give us your approx group numbers and we will do the rest at the best prices available.

The most important thing is that you and the class have a fantastic visit to the Tower Of London and get home safely.

That's what we are there for, with premium coach hire and minibus hire to London.

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